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Any type of ride can be delivered to us, all elements of the job are carried out in-house, including painting; fabrication; GRP repairs; mechanics; electrics; pneumatics, hydraulics and control system design. We can do everything from a complete rebuild to giving your ride a new coat of paint and even lighting work.

We offer design, maintenance, and repair services for electrical and hydraulic systems. Our team will also assist with manufacturer upgrades and refurbish equipment to industry standards.

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We have the ability to paint as well as perform maintenance work on any kind of trucks as well as trailers

We specialize in light, medium and heavy-duty truck repairs including semi-tractors, straight trucks, and box trucks. Whether you have a bumper scuff or need a complete color change, we can handle all of your body work needs. We’ll help you keep a professional look that gets results.

We also can do work on Semi box trailers, race car trailer as well as flatbed trailers. We can do everything from Lighting to trailer modifications to fit your needs.
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We have certified welders on staff as well as the welding equipment to weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Whether it's welding sheet metal, bar stock, or tubing, we have the proper equipment and welding fixtures to get the job done right and on time. We have extensive experience in meeting difficult to achieve welding specifications including air and water tight welding. We can complete any metal work your commercial, trailer, amusement ride or small construction equipment. We can also build from the ground up or add to an existing structure.
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Our paint facility can accommodate up to two big trucks at one time. It has the latest safety features, including an elaborate firewall to protect the rest of the facility. As equipment painting should be done with paint and coatings that are just as durable as the equipment they are being applied to, we only use industrial grade paints on all our projects. Our professional technicians have experience sandblasting everything from small construction equipment to dumptrucks.

We firmly believe that every project, should start with proper sandblasting. Removing all existing coatings of paint and starting with bare metal is always best. We work extra hard to ensure your satisfaction, and a finish that will look great for years to come.

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With our process,we can  makes everything from a manlift to a small boom truck look showroom-new again. We have the spray booth and the facilities to restore the worst rust and wear damage. We can take the equipment 100% apart and go thru it piece by piece or just give it a fresh coat of paint.

Both the environment and your budget benefit from equipment refurbishing. The cost of equipment refurbishing often substantially less than replacing with new equipment, but the existing equipment also stays in use for years to come and out of a scrap yards.

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